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The easiest way to participate in the Movement for Happy Degrowth (MDF) is to join one of the local clubs showed in the map below and pointed by purple markers.

An MDF local club is an autonomous branch of the Movement for Happy Degrowth. Local clubs are the only places in which MDF membership cards are issued.

In some cities no MDF clubs have been created yet, but there are people who would like to create one: those are the “MDF groups”. Groups usually wait for a minimum number of participants to join before establishing a local club. MDF groups are pointed by yellow markers in the map. If you wish to contact an MDF group or local club, you can send an e-mail to the addresses showed on the map. In case of any doubt, you can write at the following address:

It is also possible to join MDF as an association. The associations – different from MDF clubs – which have already joined our Movement are pointed by red markers on the map.

Before going on, we recommend a careful read to our Statute.

How to set up an MDF local club

In case there are no MDF clubs or groups to cooperate with in the surrounding area – it being understood that more than one local club may exist in the same city – it is possible to set up a new MDF club.

The first necessary step before becoming a club is to create a group.

An MDF group is an informal gathering of people who are willing to set up a club. Until a group develops enough awareness and resources to work autonomously, it will be followed and helped in understanding the philosophy of degrowth and enlisting new volunteers, e.g. by organizing small initiatives to involve people and spread the word. This can also be done in cooperation with other associations or MDF local clubs.

It is necessary to choose a contact person, who may even be the only component of the group at the initial stage, if the idea of setting up an MDF club springs from an individual.

In order to coordinate a group, the contact person must have a talk with an MDF delegate by telephone, Skype or – even better – meeting in person. After that, if considered to be fit, the contact person will be able to start the local project.

The contact person, as an MDF delegate, will have to take on the following responsibilities:

  • Replying to all e-mails received.
  • Organizing meetings with other people who are willing to set up the MDF club.
  • Participating (or delegate another group member to participate) in some MDF initiatives at national or local level, in order to meet in person other MDF volunteers.
  • Working as much as possible in an inclusive way, involving a wide range of different people (e.g. with different ages and/or professional and cultural backgrounds).
  • From the very beginning, encouraging the other group members to participate, be active and take on responsibilities.
  • Keeping MDF up-to-date about the group situation.
  • Promptly informing MDF in case of renunciation or dissolution of the group.

You can send your proposals to the following e-mail address:, indicating [new local club] in the subject line.

What does it mean to become an MDF local club?

Belonging to an MDF local club means to be a member of the Movement for Happy Degrowth. Through the club, all members can take part in the association life and decision-making processes, in accordance with the Statute and internal regulations. The power to decide about the admission of new local clubs belongs to the board of directors, as provided for in the Statute. When an MDF group is ready to become a local club, subject to the positive opinion of the board of directors, a delegate of the board of directors will provide it with assistance in the bureaucratic procedures (Statute, deed of partnership, information on how to administrate the association, etc.).

The association will have to register its own Statute and take on a taxpayer’s code number.

After registration, the would-be local club has to send a membership request and, after final approval by the board of directors, it will effectively become an integral part of MDF.

Being a MDF local club involves the following responsibilities:

  • Being available locally for all people interested in MDF and happy degrowth in general, according to a spirit of inclusiveness and open-mindedness.
  • Issue membership cards for the local area.
  • Participate as much as possible in the activities promoted by MDF.
  • Organize at least a few activities in accordance with the principles of happy degrowth.
  • Send at least one delegate to the MDF national meeting.

Only the clubs that have gone through this process – pointed by purple markers on the map – can be defined as “local clubs of the Movement for Happy Degrowth” and use the MDF logo.

How can an existing association cooperate with MDF?

Of course, existing associations – some of which may be much older than MDF – can enter the world of happy degrowth even without being local clubs. They have two options: either being acknowledged as supporting associations, or becoming MDF partners.

Supporting associations are organizations whose aims and activities are in line with the principles of happy degrowth; they share MDF values and are committed to putting them in practice. Supporting associations are listed in a dedicated section of our website. They are not formal partners of MDF, nor can they claim to be part of it.

If you want to be mentioned in our website as a supporting association, please send an e-mail to including a brief presentation of your association, the link to the association’s website (if any) and its statute.

On the other hand, partner associations are members of MDF to all intents and purposes, in accordance with the MDF statute, with all the rights and duties that this implies.

Since MDF recognizes the value of building partnerships, it prefers to accept as partner associations only those organizations with which actual collaborations are being implemented or have been undertaken in the past. As a consequence, partnership requests from organizations that share our goals and principles but are not effectively cooperating with us will not be taken into account. However, they may still request to be acknowledged as supporting associations and become MDF partners at a later stage, upon proposal and implementation of collaboration on specific activities.

We would like to highlight that this choice derives from a will to be consistent with our values, in accordance with the motto “less and better”. We are not interested in building as many partnerships as possible, if these are not based on real participation and commitment to MDF and its projects.

For becoming a partner association, please send an email to indicating [request of partnership] in the subject line. A delegate of the board of directors will then contact the association as soon as possible to collect the necessary documents, which will enable the board of directors to make a decision.

Partner associations are entitled to use the phrase “Partner of the Movement for Happy Degrowth”. Likewise, they are entitled to use the MDF logo, provided that the above-mentioned expression is always used along.

We would like to remind you that the MDF logo and the name “Movimento per la Decrescita Felice” (Movement for Happy Degrowth) are protected by copyright. MDF reserves the right to take legal actions against those who use them without prior consent.

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